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    Minu Sostres is a self-taught artist. Despite Minu starting to develop and expand her creativity from a very young age, it has not been until recently that she has decided to materialize it through her sculptures.

Minu finds inspiration in nature, animals and humans. It is the early stages of life of people that she finds particularly interesting and challenging. In addition, relevant characters throughout history have also left their imprint in her work.

     No matter what or who is in front of her, she manages to bring out the soul of her models. In order to achieve this, the implication of each client in the final phase of the modelling is key as they can bring special and unique details to their pet’s reflection.

   Minu’s work is carefully shaped and executed following a harmonious process from the conception of the idea to the work in clay. In her sculptures, one can easily appreciate the balance between composition and materialization, the meticulous modeling and patience involved in every step until each piece is finalized in bronze at the foundry.

       At the end it's all about creating emotions.

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